Haleem Salama

$8 hour
Passionate and patient Arabic Teacher experienced in working both with adults and children. Vast experience with professionals and students from different countries and with people coming from various multicultural and professional backgrounds. The perfect job for me would be the one which capitalizes my Arabic language knowledge and the excellent communication skills.

My name is Haleem, and I’m from Egypt, I am an arabic teacher for non-native speakers, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in arabic language from Cairo University.

I teach modern standard Arabic and Egyptian dialect
I teach Arabic using books like ( كتاب الكتاب- العربية بين يديك – لغتنا الفصحى – الكتاب الأساسي
And for Egyptian dialect I use كلمني عربي or any other books you like.

You can speak Arabic in a short time and have conversations by facilitating the process of learning grammar and vocabulary using different strategies and technological tools that can be applied to any language learning environment.

September 2021
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