Arabic For Kids

Arabic For Kids (From 4 to 12 years old)

The earlier your child begins Arabic study, the simpler it will be for them to grasp the language. Arabic for kids (4 to 12 years old) is taught via reading and discussion of Arabic-language tales for children. Our Arabic classes are tailored to the learning type and speed of each child. We create a personalized Arabic study plan for them. We focus on teaching youngsters real-world Arabic skills that they may apply in their daily lives.

In addition, we cover a wide range of subjects to ensure that your child has a great time while learning Arabic. This is one of the greatest investments to make in your children’s future is to have them learn Arabic at The Egyptian Arabic.

Students will learn four skills: hearing, speaking, reading, and writing, all in Arabic. From Beginner to Advanced, our Kids Arabic Lessons are organized into four levels to assist your children in accomplishing their Arabic learning objectives step by step.

Kids Arabic Lessons Level 0

For your child to begin learning The Arabic alphabet and some simple words.

Kids Arabic Lessons Level 1

If your child has just learnt the Arabic alphabet and some simple words, then this level is for them.

Your children will learn the basics of Arabic phonetics as well as how to read and write Arabic letters at this level. Greetings, self-introduction, introducing family members and ages will be among the vocabulary and brief phrases they acquire. The class will be made more enjoyable and productive via the use of amusing images and activities.

Kids Arabic Lessons Level 2

This grade is for students who can answer basic inquiries about everyday life using well-known terms.

At this level, your children will learn basic vocabulary, short phrases, and simple conversations about things like clothes, toys, home appliances, and the weather. We’ll teach your children a basic nursery rhyme while also teaching them how to compose short Arabic phrases in their own words.

Kids Arabic Lessons Level 3

If your child is comfortable asking and answering questions in larger phrases, go on to level 2. Your children are capable of exchanging knowledge, but they do it at a sluggish pace.

When your children reach this stage, they will be able to talk about things like hobbies and likes/dislikes while also learning about the time of year. Your children will have the ability to tell a brief tale. Nursery rhymes and Arabic vocabulary will be included in the curriculum.

Kids Arabic Lessons Level 4

Achieving this level means your child is capable of conversing fluently and spontaneously about known routines and non-routine topics relevant to their interests. Longer stories, folk tales, and the like are doable for your children.

At this stage, your children will learn how to communicate their emotions, deal with school and extracurricular activities, among other things.

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