If you’re a fan of Egyptian culture and want to visit Cairo to immerse yourself in the local life, this course is for you. It also caters to tourists who wish to visit Egypt’s most popular tourist destinations, including Alexandria, Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh, Matrouh, Luxor, and Aswan.

Why Fluency in Egyptian Arabic Can Benefit Your Communication with the Arab World

You should become fluent in Egyptian Arabic so that you can communicate with the Arab world more easily. This is because the Egyptian media and entertainment sector has had a significant impact on Arab culture.

The Benefits of Learning Colloquial Egyptian Arabic Compared to Classical Arabic

Compared to classical Arabic, colloquial Egyptian is a simpler variant of Arabic. Simpler language and less effort go a long way in favor of its popularity. To communicate in Egyptian, all you need to do is learn a few words and put them into comprehensible phrases.

Because of this, we selected the “kallimni arabi” series as your educational path.

Real-Life Conversations in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic: At the Airport, In the Market, and More

This book introduces the students to the basics of Egyptian colloquial language before leading them through real-life conversations. They may be used in any circumstance, even when confronted with difficulties upon coming to Egypt for the first time. Dialogues such as “At the airport,” “In the market,” “A taxi driver,” “Visiting the doctor,” and “At the police station” are examples of this kind of discourse.

How Our Instructors Help You Learn Colloquial Egyptian Arabic Through Conversations and Speech Training

To assist you to overcome your difficulties, the instructor will go through the conversations with you and educate you on how to pronounce the words correctly, as well as explain what the sentences mean and when they are used. So the textbook and curriculum will serve as a spark or a component of the lecture, but not as a whole since the primary focus is on conversation and speech training with your instructor.

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