Quran Online Classes

Quran Online Classes With Real-Time Instructor

Almost all of our Quran instructors have ijazah in either Hafs or Warsh, and a few have ijazatan in both Hafs and Warsh.

Learn to read, remember, or Tajweed with us, and you’ll be taught by a team of dedicated instructors who combine classroom instruction with teaching methods like provisions, recitation, or Tajweed.

The “Noor Elbyan” course in Quraan recitation is required if you are a new student or do not know Arabic. This course will demonstrate to you how to accurately pronounce the letters in a Qur’anic verse.

Designed specifically for young readers of the Quran, this book explains the meaning of the Quran in simple terms. As soon as the learner learns the consonants, vowels, and mudood characters, they will be able to read the Qur’an with proficiency.

For example, students learn how Arabic words are pronounced differently in the Holy Quran than they are when written in standard Arabic and how that affects how they are pronounced in written Arabic.